3 of the Top Struggles to Stop Smoking

Quit Smoking Hard | Melbourne

Quitting smoking can be a scary thing to consider. Giving up the comfort that smoking can provide is not easy, and it takes time. The process of quitting requires a lot of honest talks, not only with yourself but also with those around you. There are three major struggles that you’re likely to encounter as you work towards giving up smoking. Being fully aware of these struggles will give you the tools you need to quit smoking for good.

Struggles to Stop Smoking

The first struggle is the ongoing temptation to go back. It’s unavoidable. When you’re craving a smoke, it can be hard to think about anything else. You’ll be painfully aware of other smokers around you, be they people you know or strangers on the street. The addiction in your mind will work to try and keep itself going, but even knowing that it can be difficult to push through the temptation and stick to your plan to stop smoking.

Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed by temptation you need to remove yourself from the situation. If you are at work and can’t do that, you’ll need to find a way to reduce the stress caused by being around cigarettes. Make sure to find a place to eat lunch away from smokers and other temptations. Always stay aware of how you’re feeling when there are temptations around because falling for just one lure can lead you back into smoking.

Your second struggle will be the many questions those around you are likely to ask. Your friends and family are probably happy that you’re making a choice to improve your health. Even so, everyone is going to ask you why. This question seems harmless at first but will grow every time you are asked why. Don’t allow this small question to eat away at your resolve, be dedicated to quitting. If you’re second-guessing your reasons every time you are asked about them, then you need to take some time to work out why you’ve made the choice to quit. You need to be 100% behind your efforts to keep strong and achieve the change you want. You need to believe in the reasons you are quitting smoking.

Stop Smoking

The people who care about you will be there for you no matter what reason you choose. But convincing yourself can be harder, so you need to have a solid and clear reason for quitting. Nobody will ever argue with you as much as you will argue with yourself. When you are attempting something as hard as quitting smoking, the negative parts of your mind will try to work against you.

The last struggle is looking at all of the products available to help quit smoking. This might seem odd, but the huge selection can be a big problem. You need to work out why you smoke so that you can select the best product to help you quit. If you smoke because of stress, you need to deal with the stress. If you smoke because of nicotine addiction, then you could consider slowly removing nicotine from your life using patches or gum. The most effective and natural way to stop smoking, which has been proven in many studies is the use of hypnotherapy. Combined with NLP, the results are even higher.

Regardless of the reason you smoke, there will be a product or method designed to help you. Finding the best product or method may be hard, and it will force you to be brutally honest with yourself. If you are completely unable to find the reason you smoke, try finding something else to do with your hands and mouth when you have the urge to smoke. Sometimes, a stress ball and a piece of gum can be all someone needs. If you are smoking because you are bored, give yourself something to do. Even just toying with a stress ball can give you the distraction that you need to walk away as a successful non-smoker. Yes, there are Struggles to Stop Smoking but you can do it.