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If you are trying to quit smoking it can be invaluable to do the math on your overall budget and see just how much smoking is costing you. For many smokers, just knowing about the health benefits of quit smoking isn’t enough. You’re like to be very surprised when you find out just how much of your hard-earned money is going towards your habit. At a minimum, you can count on the cigarettes themselves costing you, but there could be sudden, large medical costs in the future too.

Just taking a moment to think about how much you spend on cigarettes will probably be enough to realise it’s not a cheap habit.

Calculate your Cost of Smoking

Prices are climbing higher and higher, largely due to the taxes being placed on cigarettes by many governments. The average cost of a pack, is around $26 (a little over $1 per cigarette). If you’re a pack-a-day smoker, that starts to add up fast.

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It might not seem like much, but that’s $182 a week on cigarettes, money that you could be spending elsewhere. The numbers get even bigger if you’re smoking more than that. This kind of money is 2 tanks of fuel, or a trip to the movies for the entire family, or even a new outfit. And if you’ve got nothing else to do with the money you could put it into savings, which is going to do a lot more to help you than just burning it away.

If $182 a week isn’t enough to worry you, you are after all spending it on something you want to, then we can keep going. An average month has 30 days, so we’re looking at around $8000 spend on cigarettes each month. This isn’t small change, and could go a long way towards your gas bill, power bill, water bill, phone bill, rent, mortgage, or even the occasional great night out on the town.

The numbers get even more worrying at the scale of a year. If you smoke one pack each day, you’re smoking around 8,400 cigarettes each year. The cost of all that smoking is an astonishing $9,464! All that money for just one pack a day at the average cost of $26. If you go through more than a pack a day, you’re burning up even more money. A two pack a day smoker pays $18,928 a year!

The sheer price of cigarettes when added up in a single year is massive. If you’ve been smoking for 5 years, you’ve already gone through a total cost of $47,320 for a single pack a day habit (enough to buy a new car). The amount of money that you could save by finding a way to quit smoking is immense.

If you were given the opportunity to save $9,464 a year and improve your health at the same time, wouldn’t you take it?

The price of cigarettes is continuing to rise, so it’s only going to get more expensive the longer you continue to smoke. It’s always helpful to have more money to work with, and even if a stop smoking aid seems a little pricey, it’s significantly cheaper in the long term than the cost of actually continuing to smoke.

If the idea of just improving your health, you may have a sudden desire to quit after you see exactly what it is costing you each year to smoke. To read more Stop Smoking Information visit our website Quit Smoking Melbourne Clinic.

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  1. Dr. John McDuffie on May 27, 2019 at 10:59 am

    Great information, the prices are a little lower in CT. But the principles are the same. Well stated…thank you, just had this conversation with a loved one, then I read this article…perfect…I can copy paste send…not me talking anymore…an expert is saying it!!! Thank you again!!!

  2. Jeremiah Say on June 19, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    Being smoke-free feels incredible. I’m on day #37 and I save roughly $250.00 thus far. I’ll take it anytime!

    Saving money is just one of the many benefits I experienced. There is so much more to quitting than just saving a few dollars here and there.