Learning the Reasons Why People Smoke

Understanding why you smoke

It’s not easy to quit smoking, and learning the reasons why people smoke in the first place is critical to succeeding. If you can work out the exact reason you are smoking it will be much easier to make a plan that will allow you to quit for good. Simply trying to quit using tools that do not pertain to your situation can only leave you frustrated and upset.

Reasons Why People Smoke

Some Major Reasons Why People Smoke-

It can damage your dedication, and leave you thinking that you’ll never be able to quit. But if you take the time to do your research into why you specifically smoke, you’re likely to be surprised by how much easier it can be to quit.

Lots of people smoke, and for lots of different reasons. It can range from smoking when they are depressed or stressed, all the way to just using cigarettes as a pick me up. It’s easy to use smoking to try and make your troubles disappear, but it’ll never actually solve them for you. Smoking can be an excuse to step away for a moment to take a step back and see what’s going on. This is a useful thing to be doing, but it’s just as useful to do it without smoking as well. People with stressful jobs often use smoking to just stop for a few moments and reduce some of the stress. Finding other ways to reduce stress at work can help a great deal when people like that are trying to quit.

Sometimes when people know they won’t be able to do something, their desire to do it increases. This goes for smoking as well. When a smoker knows that they’ll be in a situation where they can’t smoke they can suddenly feel the need to do it, even though they don’t really want a cigarette right now. This is a mental game that some smokers play with themselves, it’s their addiction trying to control them. Breaking out of this trap can help a lot when people like this are trying to quit.

Many smokers feel the urge to light up when they’re bored. Idle hands can lead to poor decisions very quickly. It can be hard to keep yourself busy, but learning how to do so can help fight against the desire to smoke. Smokers like this should take some time and create a schedule where they always have something to be doing, even if it’s just watching TV. Packing a schedule with all work is counterproductive, the stress created will probably lead back to smoking, but keeping it dense enough to avoid long periods of time with nothing to do is important if you smoke when bored. A properly balanced schedule can be invaluable in many peoples’ journey through quitting.

A final reason people smoke is because they aren’t getting enough sleep. Many people smoke to give themselves a wakeup call in the middle of the day. But using nicotine to replace some well-deserved shut-eye isn’t helping in the long term. Avoid staying up late as much as possible. Going to be early once or twice a week can help you feel properly rested. Our lives are increasingly busy, and this makes it easy to forget how important sleep really is. This can trick people into trying to stay awake using whatever they can, regardless of the side effects. Just getting the rest that you need can help you to cut your smoking down by as much as half, but you need to be dedicated to giving your body the sleep that it really needs.

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