How Quitting Smoking Affects the Brain

quiting smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do not only for your own good but those around you. Although it can be a challenge on your own, there is always that last and best resort for quitting which is hypnotherapy smoking Melbourne. Before we get into details about that, people are often concerned about what actually happens inside the body when one enrolls to the Melbourne quit smoking clinic program. Here’s an in-depth analysis of what happens, specifically to the brain.

quitting smoking

· A Drop in Dopamine levels

Dopamine, a chemical produced by the brain during pleasure moments, takes the largest hit. This is because the smoke effect, as well as other types of addictions, produces very high levels of this chemical. It is assumed that the human brain adapts to this repeated release of high dopamine levels over time and this is, in fact, the root of all addictions.

Evidently, quitting smoking causes a deficit in the amount of dopamine produced by the addict’s brain which is why most people find quitting smoking very challenging. At some point, the brain even induces the body to look for other possible sources of pleasure which causes some people to overindulge in certain behaviors such as overeating. Can this effect be reversed through Melbourne quit smoking clinic? Absolutely yes! Stop smoking Melbourne brain studies suggest that all brain functionalities are modifiable. This means that an ex-smokers dopamine production levels can go back to normal through the quit smoking hypnosis Melbourne program.

· Oxygen Supply to the Brain Increases

The smoke effect produces reactive gases such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. These chemicals crowd out the oxygen in the blood of a smoker. It would, therefore, not be wrong to say that it takes a longer time to supply enough oxygen to the brain of a smoker than that of a non-smoker.

When you are smoke free, there is a sudden spike in the amount of oxygen supplied to the brain cells. This can lead to positive effects such as better moods, reduced stress, better sleep, and better concentration.

· Brain Cleanup

Immediately after you start Quit Smoking Hypnosis Melbourne Treatment, the body starts to clean up. The hypnotherapy for smoking gets rid of any harmful residues such as nicotine that had settled in the brain as a result of smoking.

· A Step Further Away from Brain Cancer

According to recent stop smoking Melbourne studies, smoking is among the top causes of brain cancer. This is because the brain regenerates at an abnormal rate trying to replace the brain cells damaged by smoking. The brain recuperation rate goes back to normal when you are smoke free thus putting you at a lower risk of brain cancer.

Verdict of Quitting Smoking

In the short-run, quitting smoking can be quite hard for some people. This is especially because of the withdrawal symptoms that might be experienced such as feeling dizzy, anxiety, always feeling hungry, and tiredness. In the long-run, however, all that trouble becomes worthwhile but to get there, you need professional help. That’s where smoking treatment comes in. If you are located in Melbourne, hypnotherapy smoking Melbourne clinic can help. Feel free to ask us any questions that you might have about Melbourne quit smoking clinic and hypnotherapy for smoking.

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